20/05 Stay Home, Safe & Loving

Our well-established values will remain our values in the future. Your home is the safest place in these uncertain times. As we slowly get going again, we'd like to thank you for your support and loyalty!
In the last few weeks we have wandered through every little corner of our home and discovered new places to work, dream, play or just spend a quiet moment alone. And we were inspired to redesign our own sanctuary. Our woolen blankets are happy to be part of the new and old life in your beautiful apartments and houses!
We have always loved our home - but our hideaway really is the safest place these days, and nothing will change that for now. Sustainability and care begins under our own roof - more than ever it is the moment to rely on quality and cooperation that make us feel good. We are pleased that our producers - all based in Europe - are slowly returning to their normal work. We look forward to continuing the collaboration and creativity with all of our wonderful partners!
Stay healthy - we wish you that from the bottom of our hearts!
Blog Stay Home und Stay Safe Zuhause Wolldecken Accessoires
Blog Stay Home und Stay Safe Zuhause Wolldecken Accessoires Reisedecke im Zuhause