In gutes Gefühl hüllen mit Decke und Nachhaltigkeit

We want to wrap you in a good feeling

We love our materials and the charming little friends we get our wool from. Shown below: Angora goats on a farm in the Karoo desert in South Africa - we get our mohair from them. We traveled there and made friends with these stubborn and curious beings and watched them shear. This happens mulesing-free, which means that the skin around the tail remains intact. We have carefully selected our sources and producers - the production follows Oeko-Tex standards and the "Pre-Farm Gate", special production guidelines of the "Sustainable Mohair Industry" in South Africa. It is important to us that our raw materials come from farms where the greatest importance is attached to animal welfare so that they too can live happily. For all of our producers and raw materials it applies that principles relating to profitability, the environment, animal welfare and working conditions only work together - production is a holistic topic. Our products travel all over the world with our customers. We are aware of our responsibility towards our environment and try to further minimize our ecological footprint in close cooperation with our producers and rely on long-term cooperation with trustworthy partners. We create a product in which we wrap ourselves - and that should be done with a pleasant and good feeling in every respect.

Angora Ziegen in der Karoo natürlicher Lebensraum Nachhaltigkeit

Sustainable thinking naturally begins with the design in-house - we create a long-lasting product. And that's why it's important to us to think in terms of classics that have been with us for a long time. We therefore refrain from constantly throwing new collections onto the market - because how many new collections do we really need? Of course there are new designs and products, but there will always be certain blankets.

Decken als Klassiker keine unnötigen Kollektionen

Packaging for reuse - Nomad Bag

We are also in the process of optimizing our shipping in the interests of the environment and thinking more sustainably. In this context, we have developed our reusable bag made from recycled plastic bottles, which protects our exquisite woolen blankets and scarves from moisture on the way to you, so that we no longer need additional foil packaging. And in this way our customers get a lightweight, durable bag that they can use for daily shopping or other purposes - maybe for a wet bikini on the beach? We are consequently following our guiding principle and have designed another crossover product and companion for the modern nomad.

Wiederverwendbare recycelte Taschen als Verpackung für unsere Decken
Wolldecken als Klassiker für Nachhaltigkeit