Wrap each other in love - it keeps you warm

Especially in these times, we ask ourselves how we actually want to live. Where do our demands lie, what luxuries do we need and which ones can we do without? It is clear that the answer to these questions is very individual and depends on our personal life situation. But the desire for comfort and warmth is certainly always en vogue. And also the desire for leisure and idleness for a small moment - a moment of personal peace is certainly not only the desire of a minimalist. So it stands to reason that the simple will once again take on a greater value. Maybe there will be a book on the sofas more often than a tablet, or each of us will simply sink into our thoughts and dreams on our favorite sofa. A soft warming wool blanket becomes a wonderful hideaway for quiet hours. Rest is luxury.
Wrapping your loved ones in love and warmth with a wool blanket is the gift of the hour or simply a wonderful ritual throughout the winter and at any other time of the year.

Einkuscheln und Einhüllen in Liebe und Wärme mit einer weichen Wolldecke hält uns warm im kalten Winter