Catharina Mende Designerin Berlin Wolldecken und Reisedecken mit Showroom Berlin

The blanket as a design object and constant companion - home & away

Catharina Mende creates unique blankets, travel blankets and scarves. The combination of perfect form, colour, exquisite materials and longstanding craftsmanship of the weaving manufactories is her goal. All products stand for the highest design standards, quality, timelessness and slowing down. Her creations are character pieces for lovers of strong colors and shapes and become constant and beloved companions who make you feel at home in everyday life or when traveling.

Designerin Catharina Mende in ihrem Atelier

About the designer and her inspiration

"I came to textile design through fine art, classic design and my love for the constant changing of nature. Growing up in northern Germany, I was ingrained with the sheer endlessness of the skies. However, the place where I spent my childhood summers and where I continue to visit every year, remains the moment where I revisit all experiences. Somewhere in the low countries of South Carolina, where time is slower, where the summers are hot and muggy, where sea turtles lay hundreds of eggs in the dunes, where the creeks magically glitter under the clear sun, where the marshes’ sweetgrass whispers in the constant flow of the tides and the sound of the cicadas swells like a pulsating wall just to stop for the fraction of a moment, that is where the desire to create something to touch surfaced. A product that when taken in hand, allows me to return to the place of my yearnings - just for a moment – that puts everything in perspective and makes room for something new. A personal refuge."

Catharina Mende Inspiration Low Country South Carolina Luxury Homes

Catharina Mende founded her label in Berlin in 2017 and has her products woven in Italy, Scotland, Spain and South Africa. Italy has a very special emotional meaning because she lived in Florence for a few years during her art studies and can now often return to this place. This closes a circle for her - from art on canvas back to art on fabric.

It is the rich, high-contrast and natural-looking colors that give the products an unpretentious and elegant character. Catharina relies on high-quality, natural and luxurious materials such as extra fine merino, cashmere, yak, silk and mohair. Right from the start, she also locates her products in fashion and art. In the creative process, she always thinks about the everyday usability of the pieces as an interior object, lifestyle product or as a fashion accessory. With her travel blankets she has created a product that perfectly meets today's living and working needs.

Verwendbarkeit Decken als Lifestyleprodukt und Fashion Accessoire
Verwendbarkeit Reisedecken als Interior Objekt
Verwendbarkeit Decken als Interiorobjekt und Lifestyleprodukt und Fashion Accessoire