Angora Ziegen in der Wüste Karoo vor der Schur

Production in manufactories in Scotland, Italy, Spain and South Africa

The individual and unique products by Catharina Mende are made by selected manufacturies at special locations. Italy, which is characterized by the warmth, the friendliness of the people and the arts; Scotland with its many timeless traditions and humility towards the forces of nature; South Africa, land of endless distances and luminous, contrasting colors and finally, Spain with traditional weaving and high quality standards – all of these places have inspired Catharina Mende and have helped her ideas to take form.

The designer also attaches great importance to the raw materials themselves, which are sourced or processed in these locations. Every material needs the right handling, every fabric is made greatest care and love. Many years of experience and highest quality standards are of utmost importance. Catharina Mende’s manufacturers in Scotland, Italy, Spain and South Africa have several hundred years of experience, a trust in well-tried artisan trade and the aspiration to continually evolve their techniques. These manufactories are united by a sense of responsibility towards their employees as a promise for the future as well as an absolute claim to transparency and sustainability.

Mohair Wolle Herstellung Garn
Frisch geschorene Mohair Wolle in der Karoo
Wolle Färbung und Garnrollen Weberei Schottland
Disteln zum Aufbürsten des gewebten Stoffes
Schneiden der Fransen frisch gewebte Decke


Extra Fine Merino // "Deep Splendor" & "Light Companion Getaway" collections
Naturally curled, merino wool allows for fabrication of voluminous and lightweight fabrics. These are wonderful to the touch and drape exceptionally well, thereby unfurling the blankets’ patterns. Due to merino’s elasticity, each piece will keep its form. The merino wool comes from Australia.

Material und Qualität Extra Fine Merino gewebt in Decke in Schottland
Material und Qualität Extra Fine Merino in Reisedecke am Stand und Handgepäck

Cashmere and Merino // "Geometric Gaze" collection/ / "Color Blocks" collection
Merino (Australia) and cashmere (China) are woven for these blankets. Merino wool is naturally curled and enables the production of voluminous and light fabrics. Cashmere is one of the most valuable natural fibers of all. The cashmere goat’s undercoat is especially fine. Due to its pronounced thermal retention, cashmere provides more warmth than any other fiber while simultaneously remaining lightweight and effortless.
Material und Qualität Cashmere und Merino in gewebter Decke Material und Qualität Cashmere und Merino in Decke in blau und grau


Yak and Merino // "Light Companion" & "LC Late Summer" collections
The travel blankets are woven from merino (Australia) and yak (Tibet). Yak wool is lighter and softer than sheep wool, making it ideal for fabrication of lightweight yet extremely warming blankets. Yaks live in the extreme cold and have thick coats consisting of several layers. Only the very fine, soft underhair is spun, similar to cashmere. These exceptional bovines from Central Asia fit perfectly to the travel blankets. Stoically and undeterred, they weather the cold and altitude, symbolizing freedom and independence as centuries old companions of the nomads.

Material und Qualität Yak Wolle gewebt in Reisedecke
Material und Qualität Yak Wolle gewebt in Schal

Silk and Extra Fine Merino // Edition "Light Companion x The Scarves"
The scarves are woven from Extra Fine Merino (Australia) and silk (China). Silk captivates with its sheen and durability while remaining virtually wrinkle-free. On the skin it isolates against both the cold and against heat. Colors used on silk develop a stunning radiance. A true firend and companion for the modern nomad.

Material und Qualität Seide und Merino gewebt und kräftige Farben in Schals

Mohair and Merino // "Spotted & Beyond" collection
Yarn made from mohair and wool is used for the woven blankets. The blankets are exceptionally soft, light and impress with the natural sheen of their magnificent colors. For the knitted jacquard blankets and baby blankets, fine merino yarn was spun with kid mohair, which makes each piece wonderfully supple and soft. Both the kid mohair and the merino wool come from the South African Karoo.

Material und Qualität Merino und Kid Mohair in gestrickter Decke
Material und Qualität Mohair und Wolle gewebt in Decke