Catharina Mende

Travel Blanket/Scarf "Light Companion" of yak and merino "Corn Husk"

355 €
Incl. tax plus shipping costs


Complete every style with some maritime luxurious material around your shoulders. These exquisite pieces are woven in Italy from yak and merino wool.

  • Size: 120 x 190 cm / 47 x 75 in, comes in a separate pillowcase bag with handle
  • Material: 50% Merino (Australia) & 50% Yak (Tibet), woven
  • Made in Italy
  • Care: dry cleaning

When traveling and made a constant companion, this travel blanket is the perfect timeless accessory for every season. These lightweight soft pieces are supplied in a cushion cover with handle, so that practical carrying and comfort aspects are combined. Tuck an airplane pillow in your own cover, wrap yourself in your throw and feel comfortable and stylish. These stunning timeless pieces always belong in your handbag.

Yak hair is ideal for making very light and extremely warming throws. These special cattle from Tibet go perfectly with the travel blankets, because stoic and stable against cold and altitude, they have always been a symbol of freedom and companions of nomads for thousands of years.

  • International shipping with DHL from Berlin. After receipt of payment, delivery usually takes 3-15 working days - depending on the recipient country.

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